Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lauren's defense of Alec Baldwin lead to growth in her Mommy

My Lauren wrote an interesting article about Alec Baldwin. This part has stuck with me for a long time:
Alec Baldwin has long been highlighted for his extreme anger issues which, while they may seem like great fodder - entertaining, at the least, point to a deeper problem. Not that every single instance is a genuine example of rationality, but those with anxiety disorders (i.e. OCD, which Baldwin suffers from) aren't always rational. People like to frame his apparent self-importance right next to each and every one of his outbursts as if one explains the other. But people also like to forget that it requires a decent amount of bravery and, yes, self-importance, to survive in the public spotlight, and I don't think it occurs to anyone that if their own lives were constantly in the papers, on the news, etc. that they might find that they have more in common with the man than they would have thought. Because maybe, just maybe, he's just as scared and depressed on a regular basis as the rest of us are. I've always had a good deal of respect for him, even with his extreme responses, the voicemail debacle, the wall-punching debacle...because, really, he's a lot like me. And, at the end of the day, I'd like to think that I'm one of the good guys, too.

The article was written many months or even a year ago. Enough time has passed for me to be aware of my attitude change and measure the difference. I like how I have grown. I am glad there has been growth. I do not need to curse myself for when I was stagnate.

How easy it is to forget to offer compassion, acceptance and respect when we are too busy trying to climb to 'safety' by feeling superior and judge someone from our own experience while dismissing their experience - and without accepting that we, may be more like that person than we believe. When I am aware of this I try to bring myself back to walking in the footsteps of the other person. I don't often succeed. Often I fall short. But awareness of my thoughts is the first step in changing them for the better.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Thought on Hopelessness and Disappointments

I read one or two daily meditation pages each day.  Today the page included this thought
"I recognize hopelessness for what it is: my mind protecting me from disappointment. Hopelessness served at one time, but I don't need that device today."

My thought:

No matter how I practice lowering my expectations, disappointment, at times, will be present. I know I have to feel feelings because the alternative leads me to use food as a cloak to cover them up, so I allow myself to feel disappointment when it comes but I do not have to let disappointment lead me to hopelessness. It must be replaced by something positive. 

That's right, I don't need that device today. I have a new App for disappointment. Disappointment is a bright flag waving, proclaiming NEW OPPORTUNITIES AHEAD!

My job is to keep my mind open to the possibilities. 

Are you finding a healthy way of channeling disappointment today? 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Visit Part Two

My three year old nephew is a joy!

My sister and I have a visit with a certain Pixie.
That hat is from Sunday Afternoons - it has SPF protection built in. Protected my neck well this summer.

Riding Tower of Terror. Dropping 13 stories. I am the one with the blue wrist band on my upraised arm. 

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park with my niece and nephew. Two AWESOME teens!
PS: Can you say sunblock with SPF 80. I practically BATHE in that stuff!

What a fabulous summer!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Visit Part One

Enjoying the water coaster at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon with my godson Michael. This is the first year in my life when I didn't think about what I looked like in a bathing suit while the photos were being taken and then didn't mind what I looked like in a bathing suit when I saw the photos! 


A Book About GOAL

We received a coupon from DELL for a free book via Shutterfly. I decided to make it a photo book of my business with photos of room decorating and the reactions of some of our newly engaged from the past couple of years. I do not have photos from before the digital camera age.

I am testing the plug in.

Shutterfly offers exclusive layouts and designs so you can make your book just the way you want.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

That Quiet Little Voice is a Demanding Killer

Alcohol, drugs, food -  Addiction is addiction is addiction. Relapse is relapse is relapse.

Robin Williams explained that falling back into alcohol abuse was "very gradual

"It's the same voice thought that… you're standing at a precipice and you look down, there's a voice and it's a little quiet voice that goes, 'Jump,' The same voice that goes, 'Just one.' … And the idea of just one for someone who has no tolerance for it, that's not the possibility."

When asked why he relapsed, Robin answered: "It's [addiction] — not caused by anything, it's just there… It waits. It lays in wait for the time when you think, 'It's fine now, I'm OK.' Then, the next thing you know, it's not OK."

May Robin Williams' words help other addicts today. May I always remember it is not okay. My disease wants me dead - but it will settle for desperate, hurting and miserable today. It takes what it can get. It is patient. It will wait and make me dead later . . . if I forget it is not okay - not ever.

What are you doing today to stay vigilant against that 'quiet little voice.'?


Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11th - Quick Update

My sister and her children arrived on July 29th and I had the best 10 days with them that I could ever imagine. They flew back home this past Friday and I worked on Saturday and was sick and in bed on Sunday. Today I am feeling bit better but taking it slowly. 

I am still sugar free
I am still food sober
I am counting my blessings and so grateful to be looking forward to more time with my sister and female cousins on our first annual get-together in North Carolina late in September. 

Vickie might find this amusing. I had a dream last night that I went up north to meet Vickie and her husband and children. In the dream I only met her youngest and in the dream her name was Lucy after St Lucy Filipinni of the teaching nuns. Vickie's house (in my dream) was a large estate and the grounds were covered with lovely pavers and bricks. There was a large fountain in the back of the house. The house had a great many rooms, hallways, hidden alcoves and stairways. Vickie, in my dream was shorter than her 5'4" and her husband was bald and wore a plaid button down shirt. It was a fun meeting and dream. 

What does it mean when you start dreaming of other bloggers?