Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting Through the Busy Days

Today is going to be a full day. I have many commitments and need to focus on getting things done. Therefore, I have less time for me. On days like this my food is automatic: less decisions to make so I do not make the wrong ones with food. Today I will have egg whites and fake steak for breakfast, Tuna salad with zucchini salad for lunch and lean hamburger for dinner with veggies and perhaps whole grain bread for dinner. Snacks today are non fat Greek yogurt with berries and an apple with peanut butter. I take a meal and snack with me so I am not out and hungry today. 

Today's exercise is a weights and toning day. 120 crunches on the half ball, a weight training DVD with my small hand weights and stretches while watching a West Wing DVD. Yesterday I walked 4 miles with my daughter so no treadmill today. Once I get my work done for today it would be nice if the weather permitted a walk in the park but rain is expected again today so no promises and no recriminations. 

My mind today is focused on getting the immediate work done - the items on deadline. Then I want to get some additional work done so it is off the plate. My grand design for my life is to be caught up by June 30th - for the first time in 11 years. I set this deadline in January and I am behind schedule so I need to be reasonable and set a new date. I have decided to make August 8th the new date because that is the date I started my business 12 years ago and the business is what I am trying to get caught up on. Just once I would like to be caught up on replying to questionnaires and inquiries, have the office in order, and have everything work wise in place. Maybe then I can replace the defect of procrastination with good time management. 

Have a good day keeping the pounds off! 

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Vickie said...

I wrote a comment to this once already and it appears it did not go to you for moderation, I think blogger ate it.

wanted to add, just in case it is gone, that I really identify with needing to clean up the clutter and disorder in ones life as part of the process. I think it is really important and often over looked.