Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is going on today

Today I finally starting to publish this blog! I have been writing it for the past few years but haven't published. Today is the day I go public. My name is Jane but my daughters call me Freakishly Small Jane (or Skinny Bitch) because they have not gotten use to having a normal sized mother.  I have lost 217 pounds to date. I have lost the pounds by eliminating certain foods from my life. I have lost the pounds by eliminating certain eating behaviors and living behaviors from my life. I have lost the pounds by getting off my ample ass and exercising. This is how I got to today. I will add all my prior unpublished posts as I teach myself how to navigate the blogging world. For now, I am writing about today.

Today and everyday started with getting on the scale. Weight same as yesterday. I can accept that today because of how far I have come. I no longer lose weight every day or week or even month. The weight loss has slowed down now that I am down to the last 15 pounds. My research tells me this is a dangerous time. Many, many people take back foods and behaviors that lead them to gain weight when they reach a plateau. I have been at this plateau since January, give or take 5 pounds. That is okay for today because I am not gaining. I eat a very healthy 3 meals and 2 snacks every single day. I am not obsessively exercising beyond a healthy amount for my weight and age. This is where I need to be today. I actively participate in life today. 

I want to believe what I just wrote and I do, but it is hard. I have been actively losing or gaining pounds my WHOLE life. I am not practiced in maintaining but I have to learn how to do it so I can successfully do it the rest of my life. By sharing it here maybe my experience can help some other people keep their pounds off. Everyday that we are keeping the pounds off is another good day! 

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Vickie said...

I am back in your archives reading through to present.

I am very jealous that you were blogging, have record of your own thoughts, before your blog. It is something I wish I had done.

I love how aware you were of maintenance at this point. Aware of the dangers of going back to old habits. It is very refreshing not to see 'ego' at this point. Having a questioning mind, still looking forward is a powerful place to be in starting maintenance.