Monday, August 10, 2009

Butter is not my friend

I do not eat butter or most anything with milk fat because I know that once I start I do not have the ability to stop. That said, tonight I went to see Julia & Julie, the movie about Julia Child. Julia Child obviously thought butter was heaven on earth. As they say in the movie "Everything is better with butter." I felt sad. I want to dive into cooking with butter. Everything IS better with butter. 
But I have to remember that I am not someone who can have butter today and not have it tomorrow. I am like an alcoholic with certain foods and butter is one of them. I may never stop again if I start and butter is not worth that. The last time I picked up butter I felt the insanity and craving return to such as extent I felt panic. I knew I was on a very slippery slope and gratefully I did not stay on that path. No butter for Janie today. 
I want to take a look at Julia Child's cookbook and  adapt her recipes to be used without the ingredients that I cannot have. The recipes that must include butter I will not be making. 

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