Saturday, August 1, 2009

Diversion is the word of the day

Today I was in Disney Hollywood Studios on business. One of my contractors wanted to go to The Writers Stop Shop to get coffee and I offered to go with her. There was a line so I looked at a new book being sold: Disney Desserts. Lots of pretty pictures but I noticed it was light on content. I joined my contractor on the line in front of the bakery display cases. I took one look at the oodis in the case and decided I needed a diversion. I was not getting coffee. I had to reason to be in the shop at that time. I needed to leave. I told her I would wait outside. When I got outside I called some of the people in my support network and told them I was practicing a new behavior: diverting myself for being a food voyeur. 
Speaking of voyeurism where it concerns food, it is time to discuss the TV Food channels. My husband and I watch TV at night in bed and we often put on some entertaining food network show, which I consider soft porn. Good Eats, Iron Chef, Unwrapped - these are all food soft porn. The hardcore porn starts right after Labor day when they start showing the holiday food shows. All the chocolate desserts, the comfort foods and the special holiday foods are showcased on the various food networks from Labor day until New Years. That is hard core food and I cannot remain in a fit spiritual condition and watch those shows. The cravings take over my brain and corrode my soul and I wind up ordering from Fat Witch and chewing on a Swiss Family catalog. 
So, diversion is the word of the day and I will commit now to finding a series or other non food shows to take the place of the food porn before Labor Day. 

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Vickie said...

loved this post on diversion and knowing when to remove your inner toddler from a situation (that is how I think of it myself).