Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting past the past

Feeling good this week. Made an amends to a past employer for the time I wasted on the job and offered restitution. The apology was accepted with grace and love and I was given a wonderful way to make restitution to the institution. Food has been calm and is not calling me this week. Got my Curves equipment set up in the garage again and I found a way to use the treadmill without the TV in my field of vision. It helps me concentrate on my intensity instead of my viewing pleasure. Back up to 100 crunches 3x a week, too.
Last night we went to Epcot in the evening and speed walked from the car, saw a show and then walked around the park and then the boardwalk for over 1 hour. It was very humid out. We had dinner before driving over and did not have anything except water out of the house. If I was still very obese I could not have handled so much humidity. I would have stopped for ice cream and a cold drink and then probably had some other food while we were out. I enjoyed the evening so much more without extra food and crap like that.
Today we went out to dinner at a place named J. Alexander's. The have crazy thick onion rings. I had a chicken salad sandwich and ate 1/2. I had a small salad, without cheese. My sandwich arrived and I spotted cheese on the bread, hidden under the lettuce and I asked them to take it back and take the cheese off. They did. Small battle. Big victory.

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