Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've lost 217 pounds and counting. . .

In May when I started posting this blog I was 168 pounds. I had lost 217 pounds. Four months later I am 168 pounds and still keeping the pounds off. It is time for me to try to lose the final pounds from my body and then see if those pounds can stay off, too.
At least 16 to 20 pounds of my weight is excess skin and I need to accept that weight and figure it into my total. I cannot lose that weight without surgery and if I were to be 135 pounds WITH the skin I would be too skinny for my height and frame. How much more weight should I lose? Let's assume the healthiest weight I could be at my age, height, frame and muscle composition is 127 pounds. Now add in 20 pounds of excess skin. This assumes that I could be healthy at a weight of 147 lbs, 21 pounds less than I am today. Can I do that? I do not know. I know that I will NOT drive myself crazy to get down the last 21 pounds. I will not let it consume me to where I restrict my food to an unhealthy amount. I am healthy and doing well today. I will not give that up to get skinnier. If I cannot do it in a healthy manner it is not worth it.
Healthy ways to do it will be to increase my strength workouts to build some muscle. I will also make an effort to get a little more sleep each night. Doctors have proven that lack of sleep causes weight retention.
Wish me luck keeping the pounds off.

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