Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keep doing what works

I know what works and I do it as long as it works. I have to be rigorously honest about what works and be honest in doing it. For instance -
I weigh and measure my food when I am home. I do not guesstimate because my eyes always make things seem smaller than they really are.

I do a little math each day and count my proteins, carbs, fiber, calories, fat grams. Stop groaning that you do not want to live that way. REMEMBER that doing this has GIVEN me the life I love to live! This IS so much better than unlimited pasta, cheese and ice cream. Find out that I am telling you the absolute truth. Give yourself the chance. It IS better.

I exercise. I have always hated exercise. I hate people who exercise, etc. I started small with just a 15 minute walk three years ago and built from that. Yesterday I did a 30 minute aerobic video, 30 minutes workout circuit and then in the afternoon did 23 minutes on the treadmill alternating walking and running and I only half hated it. But again, the results have given me so much joy I no longer resent the actions, the time, the sweat . . .it takes time to reach that point but it takes time to do anything right so GIVE yourself that time! The endorphins that make people happy from exercising are REAL. They can change your mood for the better for a whole day. Just move and keep moving and when tomorrow comes and you do not want to move again - do it anyway. I try to workout in some way 6 days a week, taking Saturdays off. Sometimes I miss a day during the week and that is okay too because it is not like I am working out to burn off excess eating. My portions are fine the way they are. I work out to feel better.

Today I have a cold and it is my rest day. Measured amounts of OJ and a bargain brand Dayquil to get me through my work hours is how I am taking care of it. I do not take care of my cold with food treats. That is from my childhood and it no longer serves me well. Taking care of me is not served by feeding the cold comfort foods.

Have a great day Keeping the Pounds Off!

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