Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sushi: Healthy and Tasty

I would not even try Sushi or raw fish until just about 3 years ago. I was raised a NY girl. Our proteins were always cooked. In my family our fish was always breaded - unless it was shrimp or lobster. To even consider trying raw fish was beyond my imagination.
Today I have a favorite ethnic food. When I was 385 pounds it was Chinese and Italian. Now it is Sushi. I could eat raw tuna, salmon and seaweed salad every day but I limit it to no more than twice a week, usually less because I do not like to have white rice too often. When I make the Sushi at home I use brown rice. Changing the way I eat has changed my tastes a bit. I like the clean taste of sushi; the gentle flavors, different textures and fun combinations.
I like how healthy Sushi can be. I do not have the tempura rolls so nothing is fried. I do not have the rolls that contain cream cheese and limit the items that contain mayonnaise. I have started refraining from adding soy sauce to a don bowl.
Salt is something I need to make sure I do not overdo. Salt has no calories but salty taste can be addictive and that leads me into foods I do not want to bring back into my life: chips, popcorn, fries, cured meats, etc.
So that is where I am today, still keeping the pounds off.


Lauren said...

yeahhh no fish for me. yucky. patoohey. well, that and I don't eat meat anymore. Since giving up meat, I too enjoy the cleaner tastes but in a different way. I like my veggies and fruits more. I need to get more omega-3's though. I'm thinking about just switching to a supplement because my food budget doesn't really allow me to buy walnuts in bulk, I don't eat fish, and I haven't figured out what to do with flaxseeds yet. Just saying flaxseeds grosses me out a little. My edamame and tofu have some but not nearly enough. thoughts?

Jane Cartelli said...

You can take a supplement but keep them in the freezer and take them with food. Otherwise when you burp you will have fishy burp breath. I ad flax seeds to some of my baking and in the winter I add it to my hot cereals occasionally. Walnuts are good but you have to watch the calorie count. I never have more than 1/2 a serving in a day because a whole serving is 20 grams of fat and 200 calories. I limit my fat to 40-50 grams a day so 1/2 a serving of walnuts is enough for me.
I hope this info helps.