Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where am I today

So two weeks ago today I left for Washington DC where we had a wonderful time. Went to the White House, saw the oval office and a good portion of the west wing (which, for a West Wing junkie was very nice!), dined with friends, visited places we had not gone to before (Supreme court, Library of Congress). I got lots of exercise and my food each day was under what I am use to having so I know it was fine or a little bit light.
Then we continued up to NYC and I was fine the first night. But in NYC there was way less exercise each day. This was the start of something bad. Friday was breakfast in NJ at a great dinner. They had skim milk.
Saturday was at my brother's home. Breakfast was normal. But then I went to my brothers and ate my meal before I knew what I was doing. This was completely against what I commit to each day to keep the pounds off. This was sabotaging myself. My formerly obese shell sucks in salt and fluids like a sponge.

On Monday morning I freaked. But then I remembered that I have had this experience before. Whenever I go on a trip I bloat up for a week. But I still felt shaky and for Monday and Tuesday and even part of Wednesday I felt off track. And I struggled to get in 30-45 minutes of exercise each day.
It has not been an easy week. I have been having about 1500 calories each day. No milk fat. But I did add salt to my food yesterday.No starvation and no excessive exercise, My moods are getting better and I am waking up better. I still feel the bloat however and have to leave the salt shaker in the closet for a few days.
I visited the salt Tiger in its cage for a few days and while I thought it was OK at first, I need to remember that it was not okay and did not work out just because I am doing better today. I could have just as easily kept eating food that would continue to put weight on me instead of just adding salt. I am lucky this time. I hate that I have this problem with food but I would rather have a happy and useful life like the one I had been living these past three years then to have a life of pain with food.
I would rather be keeping the pounds off!

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