Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble Gobble - Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving night and it has been a good day. The one problem I noticed was being too busy all day - didn't get to do my 5K. Breakfast was easy: egg white omelet with low fat ham and onions and coffee. Saved the carbs for later. Lunch was non-ricotta cheese semolina ravioli with tomato sauce and oat cheese, stuffed mushrooms and stuffed campari tomatoes. Dinner was late -6pm. I need to plan cooking time better next year. Maybe make the turkey the day before??
Dinner was white meat turkey, a low cal stuffing made with apples and onions, measured bread, celery and apricots. Homemade cranberry jelly (almost no sugar and NO hfcs), low fat gravy made with apple cider, french thin green beans, creamed onions without cream. That came out awesome. And 1/2 a sweet potato.
I made dessert. It was a cheesecake made with 1% milkfat cottage cheese (which I would never eat normally because I hate cottage cheese), fat free cream cheese, egg white, and lemon zest with vanilla and Splenda for baking. On top of that I put pumpkin pie pudding made with goat's milk. the crust was almonds ground with the splenda and fiber one and a bit of margarine. Speaking of Margarine . . .
Tomorrow I will be giving away some leftovers. The margarine spread, most of the pumpkin cheesecake and anything I have that I find it an issue - I do not know if there is anything else but if there is I will be happy to give it away or toss it out. Healthy leftovers for dinner tomorrow. We will be out all day and will hopefully have time for a salad in between events.
It has been a good holiday. My clothes will fit tomorrow and if the 1% cottage cheese does not cause me any cravings then I will be sane and happy one day at a time and not suffer from any mental obsession of the body from the cottage cheese. Yuck, I cannot believe I had cottage cheese. No worries about me over eating that. Cottage cheese will certainly help me in Keeping the Pounds Off!
I hope you are having a great holiday without food obsession. Keeping the pounds off between now and Christmas!


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