Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy HallowThanksMas!

It has started! THE 62 DAY FOOD FESTIVAL OF THE SUFFERING OVEREATER! From Oct 31st until January 1st the stores are more than normally filled with temptations and things that want to harm me. There is a yogurt commerical where a customer is in a food store yelling at a cake in the display case and an employee of the store tells her not to be mean to the cake. It is not the cake's fault.
It is not the cake's fault. I know that. But I understand being mean to the cake.'
My husband and I set the TV timer for an hour when we go to bed. Many nights we have the food channel on but not between now and New Year's. Too many Holiday themed food shows. I do not want to be constantly bombarded with reminders and temptations. For today, they are not calling me, but if I get caught up in a weak moment anything is possible. For myself, I know that at this time of the year I have to be extra careful of my fit spiritual condition because if I were to get started I could easier gain 50 pounds in the next 60 days. I am so grateful that I am not into compulsive eating today. I have been paying attention to my food behaviors this past month and I have stopped some of the behaviors that were causing me to get sloppy. These are actions such as not writing down my food after lunch, taking the time to really chew my food properly and making sure I have a plan for when I will be out and may miss a meal for a few hours.
I cannot believe that I have not blogged in a almost a month. My last post was about getting over a fall from the healthy wagon. Since then all has been well. My birthday came and went - and I did not miss anything or suffer from feelings of entitlement when I could not indulge in cake. I do not need cake - I need to be sane. When I eat cake and crap like that I am not sane.
Halloween came and went without any candy in my mouth. I gave it out and gave the leftovers to a neighbor. I had a great day and night without the sugar. I did not even think to taste anything. That is progress.
Weight is normal and down where it should be -with about 20 pounds in skin to be removed when I come into the proper financial circumstances. If I do not lose more weight I will accept that this is where I need to be because I am happy as long as the weight does not go up.
I will be at a business conference in Tampa this weekend. I am looking forward to it. Perhaps I will get to go swimming.
My business is in the busy season swing and I very little time to devote to starting the Keeping the Pounds Off website at this time. I have a domain name for a year already but have not gotten off my ass when it comes to creating the site and deciding on the contents.
I have 2 weddings next Saturday. Two catered events in one day. God, you have a funny sense of humor!
I bought a sheep cheese to try last month and never got around to eating it and it went bad in the fridge. Cheese went bad in my home. Miracles do happen. If it had been a cow's milk cheese - - - I would not have bought it because I don't eat it anymore and my husband is not a cheese person (how does that happen?).
So, for today, I am still keeping the pounds off. It is hard work but very worth every minute of it. I love my life one day at a time!

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Rory Caitlyn said...

Sheep cheese? Well of course that went bad! There wasn't a sheep in the house to remind you to eat it =P

I love you =D I went food shopping for the week, and while I did get some stuff you wouldn't approve of, I also got chicken and steak (it was on sale!!! Two shoulder steaks for $4!!!) And stuff to make sandwiches so I stop eating out for lunch! I'm trying to slowly progress into it... I got red pasta sauce, not alfredo... and margarine, not butter <3