Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Physics and Movement

If you are running and you fall, you hit the ground harder and faster than you would if you were walking. Just ask my face. When I was 217 pounds heavier and I fell down I could roll around (if not bounce), and I didn't get really hurt. When I slammed into the sidewalk this weekend I had no fat areas to cushion me. My husband said I need air bags. I replied that I did: two where my breasts should be! If I had landed on boobies maybe I would not have landed on nose and mouth and teeth! Well, I guess the damage can only improve my looks! LOL
On the radio I heard the author of a new work out book hawking a method of exercise I have heard about before. It involves going all out for 30 seconds, then slower for 30 seconds and repeating it over and over again. It sounds like the Curves workout circuit. I tried it this morning on he treadmill. 30 second at 3MPH then 30 second at 5MPH and over and over again. Sometimes i did 5MPH for a full minute. I worked out this way for 30 minutes. It felt good I worked out 20-30 minutes less than a normal treadmill day but felt just as much exercise was accomplished. I am going to try it for the week and see if it makes a difference and will report my experience in a few days.

Still away from the milk fat and hfcs. I am working on taking time with my food and not eating too quickly. This is going to be a long process. I can see I have to unlearn 48 years of eating fast and asking questions later. Whatever healthy behavior I have to do to help me keeping the pounds off is okay by me!

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