Thursday, November 12, 2009

Size Matters (when it comes to clothes)

Two years ago I fell in love with a dress at a wedding. The dress was being worn by a guest who was 4 sizes smaller than me. One year ago I found that dress selling in Dillards. Size 12 was a little too big so I tried on size 10 and I bought it. It fit but felt snug enough that I was not ready to wear it. This past year my weight has stayed steady but because I have been working out and getting toned so it is time to wear the dress. We are going to two weddings on Saturday and I will wear the dress. It is black net over emerald green with a weave design and silver sparkles dotted about the dress. Black spaghetti straps. I bought a black shrug to hide my scary bat wing arms. Tomorrow I need to buy dressy shoes and perhaps a bag. I also got a hair cut so it is time for a new photo this weekend. Look for it in my next post.

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