Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preparations for the Holiday

For me the Holidays can be a minefield. With everything there is to do each day there is almost no time to cook dinner unless I keep my food plan a priority in my life. I choose to do that because the alternative would lead me into the minefield from which I cannot return unscathed. I am not a normal eater. You do not get to be 200 pounds overweight and still be a normal eater. Losing the weight does not make you a normal eater. We cannot be normal. We, who are or have been excessively overweight have a food addiction. We can get better but we cannot ever think we are cured of the problem. Just ask the 95% who gain their weight back how cured they are.

So for the next month while there are cookies on every corner, chocolates on every desk, and freshly baked goodies appearing when the doorbell rings, I am practicing my most gracious 'no thank you' and preparing to still be keeping the pounds off all month long.

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