Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taking the plunge

I will take recovery wherever I can find it and when I find something stands up to the test of sanity I embrace it. For today, this is what I need.
Five years ago I was 385 pounds. I ate everything and I was always going on a diet that I knew would not work. I started writing down everything I ate.
Four years ago I had lost 130 pounds and could feel I was starting to loose the fight. I had cut out hfcs, most white flour and started walking for exercise.
Three years ago I had lost about 200 pounds, I weighed and measured all my food and had an exercise regime that was sane and stable.
Two years ago I was still 200 lbs lighter but was struggling with obessive food behaviors and came to realize that milk fat was the culprit. I took that out. It worked to relieve me of the obession with food and I lost an additional 20 pounds. Then I started experimenting with Goat's milk.
This past year I tried removing goats milk. I also realized that every time - EVERYTIME - I have anything made with white flour my body reacts with inflammation. For this reason alone I refrain from white flour. It causes actual pain.
Today I have a huge number of choices in food. The only things they do not include are milk fat, high fructose corn syrup in all forms and most sugars. Everything else I can have if weighed and measured and if I am in a fit spiritual condition. I choose to avoid carbonated sodas but will have sugar free versions very occasionally. I need to weigh and measure all my meals and not guess at dinner. It feels great when I am honest about that. Honesty is essential in Keeping the Pounds Off. If I do not have honesty I do not have a prayer of a chance.


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