Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paying off Debt

So my husband and I are in a 12 week class to give us the tools we need to stop incurring new debt and pay off our present debt and live within our means so that in a few years we can be completely debt free.
First things first, we made a budget and now have to live by it with the passion of a Gazelle fleeing a Cheetah (and yes, it is possible for the Gazelle to out run the Cheetah if the gazelle passionately wants life more than the cheetah wants lunch.
Next in the plan is to sell off the things that are not used and can bring in some $$ to help retire our debt as quickly as possible. I am thinking of having a jewelry sale but have to find the best place to get the best price. I am also going to sell off some Disney collectibles I really do not want to keep dusting and I might even get an evening job a few nights a week. It is past time to change what we have always done so that we are not the poor relations in our retirement. We want to be comfortable and not be a drain on our children. - But since their educations caused much of our debt I guess they will have to put up with us anyway. So my darling daughters . . . USE YOUR EDUCATIONS and get ready to SUPPORT YOUR PARENTS until it is time to drop kick us into senior living centers.

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Lauren said...

Don't worry, I'll make sure that it's a senior living centre with a stop on the Clooney/Pitt tour :P