Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Gain Due to Pain

To keep the pounds off I do not 'treat' myself with food when I am sick or incapacitated. For the past two days I have been struggling with back pain so strong that I have needed to use a cane and take a prescription pain medication. Pain used to be an excuse for comfort foods and special desserts to make me feel better.'
It took be a long time to learn that that I should not abuse my body by treating myself to foods when I am sick or suffering. Now, instead of eating ice cream, ordering pizza or eating handfuls of chocolate kisses, I give myself a hand massage, use aroma therapy, practice visualization and even pray for the pain to be removed. I do anything but overeat.
Since practicing these behaviors I have found that I usually feel better sooner than I did when I used the candy store as a pharmacy. For the past two days I have eaten only the foods and amounts I usually have in my daily plan of eating and I have been treating myself to a soothing massage and lavender bed spray. I also stopped exercising for a few days to give my back a chance to relax and recover. When I feel better I will take movement slow.
Because I have not medicated with food I do not have to worry that a week of non-exercise will cause any weight gain. I am keeping the pounds off - no excuses.

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