Saturday, August 28, 2010

No more fat cats!

Yesterday I was reading the daily news on line and scrolled down to see a link that read "see photos of some really fat cats." Having seen some fat kitties in my life I clicked on it to see how they measured up. There were lots of photos of very big cats in very different poses and cats are cute to look at but after about the 8th photo I started to see not cute cats but what I perceived as cats that are fat and unhealthy. Instead of reading mischief in their expressions I started to see pain and discomfort in their eyes and lounging positions.

I realized I was no longer entertained by the cats. I was aching, remembering the pain of not being able to reach my toes or lay down without spreading out and taking up the whole blanket on the beach or climb a staircase without stopping to catch my breath.

Not far from our home is a pond near a restaurant serving pancakes. Ducks hang out in the parking lot. These are some of the fattest ducks you have ever seen. They do not walk with the swagger or a normal duck, they barely waddle, dragging their big bellies on the ground, until they see the food coming and then boy, do they get their fat bodies moving so as not to miss out. Our family used to go to this place and sometimes we would feed the ducks. We always enjoyed what we would chirp as 'fat ducks.' Until today I never consciously realized that perhaps my fondness of fat ducks (and fat cats) was because I was one of them in spirit. Now that I am not obese I see that they are unhealthy and not necessarily 'happy' in their bodies anymore than I was in mine and today I am even more grateful to be keeping the pounds off.


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