Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Biggest Loser Question

After watching the latest episode yesterday, someone asked me if I had any idea why all the contestants from this latest season of NBC's The Biggest Loser seem to have such tragic and emotional stories. Thinking about it I suggested perhaps it is a way to show that no matter what is happening in your life, there is no excuse not to take care of your health and lose the weight. Now that I have had a good night's sleep I think the real reason is an attempt to draw views into finding an emotional connection with a contestant so that viewers will really tune in to the full show and not just the highlights.

I start watching the episode on DVR when at least 1 hour 15 minutes is already recorded so that I can fast forward through the screaming in the gym, the last chance workouts, the product placement segments regarding Subway, chewing gum, Jennie-O, etc, and the first minute after each commercial that is always footage from the end of the previous segment. I fast forward through the weigh ins, stopping only enough to see how each person did . By the end of the two hour show I have been watching the TV only about 50 minutes - saving my couch-potato butt from 70 minutes of lazy TV viewing when it is too late in the evening to exercise while watching TV.

  • Keeping the Pounds Off  - 1 
  • Show Sponsors - 0. 

If it was only an hour show (as should be), I would just watch it and probably take in more commercials, not that any network sponsors necessarily care about my opinion.

When I watch Dr Oz I am usually working out during the show. I have a balance ball and some other things that fit in with workouts in front of the TV. It is  great time to do hand weights. I can concentrate on the weights and the show at the same time. It is on early enough in the day to exercise without affecting my circadian sleep rhythm. I can pause from the workout for anything that makes me want to stop and take notes.

How you do anything to help you at keeping the pounds off while watching TV?


Michele C. said...

Great Blog, and congrats on your weight loss. Just an FYI: I can tell you why The Biggest Loser contestants have such tragic stories -- they are chosen for that very reason.

As someone who has working in media all my life, I can tell you that there's no shortage of fat people wanting to be on TV -- but to make the show interesting, they must choose the people who have the most dramatic stories. It makes for good TV that keeps people watching. Same with American Idol or any reality show -- they are "cast" just like regular shows, but who sings best or has the most weight to lose is beside the point.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you for that insight. I absolutely can see your point. Now I know how people on a show like Bridezillas are chosen. Scary but true.