Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Different spin on Exercise today

When I exercise on the treadmill I watch a TV series on DVD. I only permit myself to watch that series at that time. It inspires me to exercise on the treadmill, which I find boring without a show to watch. This morning was not treadmill day. Today is circuit day. However, I was in the middle of an episode from yesterday and wanted to finish it, so I did 26 minutes on the treadmill, then my 30 minute circuit and then sit ups.

It is good to mix up the exercise every now and then so that my body does not get complacent with the effort it usually expects to put out. Today I could feel the effort more in my legs and abdomen. That is a good feeling. 

It was a beautiful fall morning today - temp was 59 degrees at 6:30am. Tomorrow, if the weather is still cool, I will walk outside in the morning and enjoy Fall in Orlando. 

I am grateful I am enjoying the exercise. I do not need to obsess over it because I am eating properly and not putting anything into my body that will cause me to gain weight. It use to be that if I ate too much one day I would double my exercise the next three days. That is not how I live my life today and I am so grateful to be sane and keeping the pounds off, too!


Vickie said...

I only watched TV (it was the whole SCI Miami series at 1pm) on the treadmill at the gym for most (if not all) of a school year. In the evening, I played a lot of cards with kids (my youngest remembers this vividly). I am very interested as I find similarity after similarity as I work through your archives. And these are mostly things one does not read every day in weight loss/maintenance blog land. And they are things that others would not understand as they try to direct what 'works' with what they 'want to work' not what actually works. And I am not finding compulsion in your habits. My therapist doesn't find compulsion in mine either. You are very balanced in thought, word and deed.

Jane Cartelli said...

Oh I occasionally have my moments of compulsion. That is why I work with a mentor to help me stay physically, emotionally and spiritually well. I think it a great to have a therapist you can work with. I know that it not always easy. Kudos to you. In my geographic area we have several charlatans praying on sick people.


Julie said...

In my geographic location there are no therapists and, as I have mentioned on Vickie's blog, I have not met anyone who is maintaining a +100lb loss despite there being many obese people and numerous people who have had surgery for weight loss. You two are my lifeline! I feel validated and confident that I am not odd - well, I may be in the eyes of the real world, but I know what I know and need to do to keep myself in this healthy place. Please never underestimate the worth of what you write.

Jane Cartelli said...

They are out there - more than you think.
There are people who are maintaining 100, 150, 200+ lbs lost. I follow the ones that give me hope and courage to grow. I learn from watching so many that there are many ways to lose the weight but that keeping the pounds off is a whole other world.

Thank you for your comment. I try to remember the worth of what I say is only as valuable as the honesty in my actions. I am grateful to be able to share honesty about my journey and that you find something I share helpful. Together we get better.