Sunday, October 31, 2010

And now, for your caloric amusement

Here is a cake I made for someone else. For my amusement I computed the total calories for this 'cake.'  Calories per 'slice' - 1,106 / Whole cake = 13,280 calories! I did not  have any, not even a mini PB cup. It is easier not to have any than it would have been if I had picked up even one small bite. I know this now but for years a struggled with the idea that ONE BITE was enough to cause a problem. It took a lot of trial and error and pain and GAIN to accept this simple fact. I am grateful that I understand and accept this today. I have done all the 'experiments and research.' I hope sharing my experience can help you to not experiment your life away. I lost too many years from my life trapped in the prison of compulsive eating.  I am thinking that when I go to Heaven and St Peter greets me, he will greet me with a piece of this cake and because it is Heaven, one piece will be enough. 


Cenandra said...

I love this post Jane!

Jennifer Maag said...

Just a like snack :). That is amazing!!

Jane Cartelli said...

I made a different flavor cake for my daughters b-day this week and again I did not have any of it. But I hope she takes it home with her or I am tossing it out.