Monday, October 25, 2010

I could not stop at one . . . .

For this reason I do not start with one. By not having the first bite of the foods that cause me to eat abnormally I do not have to suffer from the unlimited bites that will follow. Today is my birthday and I am feeling extremely blessed to know that no cake or other birthday 'treat' will ever make me feel as good as the compliments I get from having lost 211 pounds. Nothing ever tasted as good as fitting into a size 10 feels. No amount of food is better than knowing that I can go anywhere and fit into the seats - squeeze past a tight spot with ease. No one looks at my size with pity, contempt or disgust today. I can look the world in the eye and smile. 

What is better than that first bite for you? Please share what helps keep you away from the endless pain of overeating.


Mary said...

This is what keeps me going: "Hey, babe, you're lookin' good!" from my husband. That's worth more than all the cookies in the world!

Mary D.

Jane Cartelli said...

Amen! And the compliment lasts longer in my brain than the food in my mouth!