Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playing with Food

Play with food? 

Seriously, in my work I sometimes have to play with food. I do not get to eat it - it is for entertainment purposes and to feed others. But I have to purchase it and create with it and display it and sometimes handle it and today I can do all that without licking my fingers, eating left overs or going to the store and buying similar foods to eat excessively. 

Today my client was on a hunt through Epcot for his surprise anniversary cake. He needed to put  Mr Potatohead together to learn where the cake was waiting. When he found the final part of Mr Potatohead he learned that the cake was nearby but he had to hurry because Stitch could smell cake a mile away. When he found the cake box it was too late! Stitch had eaten the cake. It contained only cake crumbs, smudges of chocolate icing and Stitch's autograph written in icing across the decorated cardboard cake tray. Client was exceedingly happy at this ending. 

My job: to crumble a piece of cake, artistically decorate with the crumbs and icing around the base and write the signature of Stitch using chocolate fudge icing - and to do all that in the middle of Epcot without getting any on my hands or in my mouth! 

To keep my sanity I make this food task as unattractive to me as possible. Since this was food for entertainment (not to be eaten anyone) by I bought a cheap brand of processed snack cake to mash on the tray for crumbs and icing. I wouldn't eat this cake in my darkest binge days so I knew it was a good choice that would not entice me. I bought chocolate fudge icing in a tube to squeeze on the tray to create the signature. I am someone who can cook up decedent, designer desserts from scratch - I would not eat icing out of a tube and so that was a good choice. I used a fork to make the signature look like it was created with claws and I threw out the leftover bits of cake: nothing on my hands, nothing in my mouth and blessedly, nothing in my brain was saying 'must-have-cake-now!'

It is ironic that a compulsive overeater has a job that occasionally involves playing with food. It is a miracle that I can do it, enjoy the moment and still be keeping the pounds off!

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