Tuesday, October 12, 2010

There is a reason it's called a WORK out

I did not want to exercise today. I wanted to straighten my bedroom, go shopping, eat breakfast or even go into the office early - but not work out. Today I felt achy and I wanted to use that as an excuse not to work out. I did not want to get all sweaty. I did not want to invest the time in exercise when I had work to do.

I could have rationalized that I had worked out on Monday and could skip today. Then again, given enough time I can also rationalize that Chocolate and sugar are vegetables because they start out as plants.

That is not how I keep the pounds off. Commitment is the key here. I have to be committed to my decision to maintain a healthy exercise plan. It is not required that I love it every signal day but I have to have that commitment. I am committed to exercising 5 days a week. Some days it is fun and some days it seems like work. I just have to DO IT.  I always feel better after exercising; it is healthy for my body and it helps me in keeping the pounds off.

Are you working out today or making excuses - again?

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