Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time for the annual 62 Day Binge-Fest!

Every year, from Halloween until New Year's Eve it is the 62 Day BingeFest of compulsive overeaters. Oh, it is a real event. If you look carefully, Hallmark has cards for the 'celebration.' They don't call it the 62 day binge fest of the compulsive eater  - but it is the same thing. Halloween is the official starting day because of how special it is. . . . think about it: On Halloween you go to peoples houses and say trick or treat and they will give you candy. Try that any other day of the year and she what you get. 

Candy was just a small part of my past Halloween festivities. I would make pumpkin pie and perhaps caramel for apples. I would always buy my favorite candy to give away and then eat it all and buy something else for the trick-or-treaters. Sometimes I would eat so much I would feel sick and throw away what has left before the night was over but usually I just continued to eat it the next day. Then I would issue myself a cease and desist order not have candy or food again until I saw the Thanksgiving themed wrapping on the chocolate candies. 

When I started loosing weight and wanted to work toward keeping the pounds off I started buying candy I would not eat, such as Warheads, Lemonheads and Twizzle Stix. That solution has been working well for me but this year I am taking it one step further. Tomorrow we are going dark. The Halloween decor is coming inside, the lights will all be off. I am not buying candy for trick-or-treaters and I am not giving out money, which is an alternative my parents used one year. No, I have decided not to partake in the ceremonial exchange of sugar substances this year. Instead, I will pass a quiet evening with my husband and watch a movie and read a book. 

It is not that I have lost the Halloween spirit - my house is decorated, my wardrobe includes a Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin shirt and my nails have been painted orange. I just want to do something different for me this year - to celebrate that keeping the pounds off is 365 days a year. - one day at a time. 

What are you doing this year to keep the pounds off as you experience HallowThanksMas? 

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