Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turning Food Tricks No More

Is escaping from a lifetime of overeating like trying to escape  from a life of prostitution? Beaten down by continuous failures in dieting and maintenance, no longer able to imagine a body not surrounded by thick fat, I was willing to sell my body to the biggest buffet, the creamiest ice cream, the cheesiest pizza. I was my own pimp, forcing myself to turn food tricks to support my massive addiction to finding the perfect bite of salty-crunchy-sweet-creamy food. My John was 'Just Only Have 'Nuff' - there was never enough food and John was never satisfied.

I am lucky to be on the other side of this today. I can see the sickness and see the recovery. I can appreciate the scars because I no longer live in the pain. Still, I must take care to remember that pain so that I never have to lay in the false comfort of its bosom again. 

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