Saturday, October 23, 2010

What would happen if you did not eat the cookie?

There is an advertisement on TV that runs backwards from a couple watching as their son is sworn in as president all the way back to how they met on a train because the man saw the woman across the train platform and changed his ticket to be on her train.

Today I am two days away from turning 49. I am happy, joyous and free. I may not enjoy every single minute of every day but I am happy each day and find there is nothing I 'need' that is not available to me today. Of the things I 'want' there is nothing I cannot wait to have another day.

I can walk for miles, lift my bundles, tie my own shoes and park on the far end of the parking lot. My clothes are not covered with food stains. I am not ashamed of what is in my food basket. I do not make excuses for what I am buying, eating or doing.

I am a better manager, a better friend, better mother and better spouse and partner than I was 5 years ago. My day is filled with purpose and possibilities, not remorse and resentment. I have been released of over 200 pounds of fat and pain. All the good things in my life can be seen as starting from the day I "changed trains" and did not eat the cookie.

What could happen if you changed trains today - and did not eat the cookie?

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