Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy Is Not An Excuse Anymore

The past ten days have been stressful. Meetings, elections (state and service board), travel, work, debates, discussions, heavy responsibilities and very little time to myself coupled with only getting an average of four hours sleep each night for 5 straight days makes for a cranky and tired me.

What I did wrong:

  • Did not plan my time better in the weeks leading up to the past 10 days
  • Took on too much responsibility at one time to be considered rational and sane
  • Stole time from my sleep and home-life to get everything else done 'perfectly' (as if perfect was even possible!)
What I did right:

  • Planned my food for every meal and did not allow other factors to cause me to stray
  • Stayed in contact with my spiritual, emotional and physical support system
  • Stayed clear of rewarding myself with food
  • Let go of any pre-conceived ideas about how the past week 'had' to go
Crazy weeks like this were always good for a gain of a few pounds, if not more.  I did not use the busyness past ten days as an excuse to sabotage my physical recovery and expected to stay the same weight from 10 days ago. Instead, I lost weight. There is something to be said for doing what works. 

So I am back to blogging and for today I am still keeping the pounds off. 


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Vickie said...

you just described me during the holiday season. I have held weight after surgery during the holidays, lost the last bits of my last 20lbs during the holidays, maintained during the holidays, lost weight during the holidays because I was more focused because it was a busy/potential land mine time. really good post.