Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HALT during the Holidays or Anyday

HALT stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. My past experiences and the experiences shared with me by others have taught me to watch for these four things because when they appear in my day I am susceptible to making poor decisions.

Think about it: we are told not to get behind the wheel when we are tired or angry. We know that boredom  (or loneliness) leads to inattention and distraction from important tasks. We all know that when we are extremely hungry and a meal is delayed we can get to the point where we will eat anything. Add these all together and we have a mini minefield. By watching out for HALT, I can pause and allow some sanity into my actions. It has taken me several years of gradually accepting a change my in reactions and attitudes but today I do not eat mindlessly when I am tired, angry or hungry. I plan my meals and when there is a change in the day I seek the right choice instead of what might be the easy choice. If I am lonely I reach out  to others. 

I do these things not because I always want to do them - I do them because I do not want the insanity of weighing 219 pounds more than I do today. I do not want the pounds and I do not want everything that comes with them: resentment, fear, frustration, pain, hopelessness . . .

I hope you will remember HALT in your efforts at keeping the pounds off this day and everyday. 


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