Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping Malls

Thanksgiving was wonderful and too short. The turkey (the one thing cooking on the actual day) took 2 hours longer to cook then it should have. Even 2 hours later, we felt the dark meat was not done enough. We carved off the breast and threw out the rest of the bird. Dinner was delicious. I made a stuffing (not in the bird) using whole grain rice, celery, onions, fennel, apples and raisins that was very tasty and 1/2 cup was more than enough. The cranberry jelly I made was sugar free and good enough to have as a topping on plain yogurt when not having Thanksgiving dinner. The pumpkin custard was sugar free and a smooth and cool ending to the meal. Everyone enjoyed the food choices and no one was disappointed that butter and cream cheese and sugar was missing from the day. For this I am truly thankful. 

Now I can move on to important matters: Shopping

Shopping during the early morning of Black Friday is one of our wacky family traditions. We get up early, drive to a store or two outside the mall, then go to the Florida Mall and wander around, picking up a few gifts, enjoy the decorations, purchase a few new decorations of our own and watch the really enthusiastic shoppers going crazy.

We always stop at Starbucks for a festive holiday coffee concoction and then get breakfast when we leave the mall - sometimes we get a snack at the mall. For the last 3 years I have brought my snack with me so I am not tempted to have Annie's Pretzels or anything else in the food court. 

Today I left the house without my snack and didn't even miss it. I find that when I have nutmeg in foods it irritates my stomach and seems to take away my appetite. Hmmm. I wonder if there is any science to this. I will look it up and get back to you. Anyway, no snack. We went to Starbucks and I ordered my small decaf with skim milk and a shot of sugar free hazelnut flavor. It was simple and delicious. While I had that my family each tasted one of the free chocolates that Godiva gave them. We had stopped at Godiva to purchase one Top Chef Desserts' chocolate passion fruit bonbon for my daughter and they gave us three free samples in the bag. I did not eat mine but it was lovely of Godiva to give the free samples. After our shopping we left the mall at 10:30 AM with the idea of going home for breakfast but we passed a Ross and decided to shop for clothes. . . . 

At 12:30 PM we left Ross with our purchases and now it was too late for breakfast so we went for lunch at a sushi place. I had one and a half rolls with salmon, eel and tuna. I love sushi and usually eat 2 or 3 rolls but I was still no hungry enough to dig in. 

At home I had a banana around 3:00 PM and at 6:30 PM warned up leftovers for dinner. I realize that at no time today did I feel deprived of he foods I cannot have. I never felt longing for the whip cream not on my coffee or the chocolate still in a bag in my daughter's purse. I never thought to take more stuffing or anything else on to my plate at dinner to 'make up' for missing breakfast this morning. 

Tomorrow I will return to my three meals a day, of course. For today, however, I am truly STILL THANKFUL for the amazing grace which has allowed me to have a food-sober Thanksgiving and holiday shopping day without any food obsession. 

Have a great weekend! 


Rory said...

Let's be fair here: that chocolate was not in my purse, it ended up in the trunk of the car, where it melted and I threw out two of the three free pieces.

Jane Cartelli said...

I stand corrected. I last saw them at your pocketbook. They did end up in the trunk and they were thrown out. It is awesome that melted chocolate was tossed and not eaten. There was a time when that would not have stopped me from eating it.

Vickie said...

It is raining, nothing is on my calendar, all my kids are sleeping, I am still in your archives. I think when I read thanksgiving 2009 a bit ago you mentioned turkey troubles and then again in this 2010 post.

I am here to say that cooking the turkey the day before is a wonderful habit. It gets done, it is carved, the mess is cleaned up, it can then be steamed the day of to reheat. My husband's favorite aunt introduced me to this concept in 1982 and it has served the test of time.