Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brave Warriors in the Fight Against Fat!

Have you ever panicked, waking up from a sound sleep and thinking that somehow overnight you gained 20 lbs? While it is impossible to gain 20 pounds in a 24 hour period it is possible to gain that much weight in a month or even in just one week. If you weigh yourself once a month and for the past 30 days you have not been keeping to your food plan  or whole heartily doing the things that help you in keeping the pounds off you might have a cold sweaty feeling when wakening on scale day.

 While it is not healthy to obsess over each calorie and ounce, a healthy balance is necessary in order to maintain weight loss. That balance disappears when we 'slack off' from practicing the healthy behaviors that brought us to a healthy weight. If we weighed and measured our food, cut out sugars and white flour, exercised 4 times a week and got 7 hours of sleep a night but now we are eyeballing our meals, eating the occasional cookie or pizza, skipping a workout as often as going, getting only 5 hours some nights . . . .

There is a reason more than 90% of people gain the weight back. Part of that is thinking 'it could never happen to me."  It can happen to me and to you - but it is NOT inevitable. By using all we have learned and reaching out to others who share the experiences we have had, we become better equipped to become long term winners in the fight against obesity. Fight? This is a war. There are no subtle negotiations or diplomatic meetings that bring us to lose 75, 100, 150, 225 lbs.  It is a war against obesity and we are the rebellious warriors who will not be taken prisoner every again!  Keep doing the right things for your victory in this battle and never forget how you fought past the pain. Do not set yourself up to think that you can negotiate your way through the dessert buffet this holiday season. For the want of a sugar cookie do not lose the whole war. 

What are you willing to battle this holiday season in keeping the pounds off? 

Today I weigh 165.4 - a total loss of 219.6 pounds


Jacqui said...

I am fairly new to your blog.. and I want to tell you what an inspiration you are! I, too, will battle through the Christmas goodie war zone and make it through to the other side. I will be making a few of them.. albeit a bit healthier (I just can't quite give up some holiday baking)... but my hubby and I have decided to give them away and to give away any of those box of chocolates that always show up on our doorstep.

Jane Cartelli said...

I used to be so mad when those boxes of chocolate showed up on the doorstep. I couldn't convince myself that I did not have to eat them. Now, I not only give away the chocolates, I can do so without feeling deprived or resentful. That is a miracle.
Wishing you great success on your food battles this season. I m here to support your efforts!

Lisa said...

My battle plan: continue my normal exercise routine no matter what! It keeps me sane and helps with the food indulging I will probably do.

Unknown said...

I know the feeling! This morning I woke from a horrible nightmare that I was being force-fed high-carb high-sodium Thai food and was convinced that I'd gained all my weight back! Luckily that remained within the realm of sleep!

I am going to bring food to my family gatherings this Christmas. We usually have potlucks so I'll make sure to bring something healthy and delicious which everyone can enjoy.