Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Gift: Being Present for My Family

I stayed off the computer/blogs/Internet between December 24th-26th so that I would remain physically and mentally present to my family's Christmas celebrations. This has been a gift for them but also a gift to me! I have enjoyed all our interactions and experiences. Memories of Christmas 2010 will not include arguments about Internet usage, paying attention to the people in the room or filling mommy in on what she missed while she was 'working' or 'surfing.' 

This has been a Christmas without sugar, milk fat, binges, or excessive consumption of food and drink of any sort. It has been a Christmas of sharing and love. In the case of my meals, it included tasty family favorites made over to fit my way of eating. Some foods worked and some were not worth the work. Lasagna made with eggplant, sausage and fat free ricotta but skipping the mozzarella was so delicious! I did not miss the 'must have' essential mozzarella - a Christmas miracle. The milk fat free - sugar free eggnog needs some work and may not be worth the effort. 

I have not had the opportunity to exercise since the 22nd. On Christmas Eve I weighed in at 163.2. I weigh in next on New Years Eve. I am grateful that I do not expect any unwelcome surprises this weigh in. It has been a healthy Christmas week and I am grateful to be keeping the pounds off through another holiday season. 


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