Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sodium Haze

Yesterday I knew I would be out before dinner so I defrosted some homemade soup of split pea with ham from a few weeks ago. This way I knew when we walked in the door dinner would only be 5 minutes-in-the-microwave away. I do not like to eat past seven in the evening and this was a good way to keep dinner on time. I thought we would walk in the door at seven. It was closer to nine when we made it home. 

I was decorating a hotel suite for Christmas for a long time client last night. Her suite was on the concierge level so when it ran late my husband and I had the opportunity to have a small snack to hold us over till dinner. Most foods and these locations are not on my plan of eating and I normally just have a diet soda or fresh veggies. This location had marinated veggies (carrots, olives, mushrooms, red peppers) and hummus. These are perfectly permissible to my way of eating but they are also quite salty when consumed together. I also had a caffeine free diet coke (more sodium) and we all know that pea soup with ham is another sodium packed meal. 

Between consuming dinner at nine and going to bed at midnight  I had at least 24 ounces of water and seltzer and yet I did not get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It would be sabotaging my mental attitude to get on the scale this morning. I know I am holding water. My ring is tight on my finger and I feel it in my face and feet. 

The addict in me wanted to weigh in this morning and the healthy me knew that would be the wrong move. Some days the healthy me wins and some days the addict gets the upper hand. Today the addict won and I got on the scale and saw a gain of 2.5 lbs. Addict me says "You're a loser! You ate oatmeal yesterday and butternut squash and pea soup! You had three starches. You should stave yourself today!"
The healthy me says "okay, you got on the scale and you are retaining water from all that salt yesterday and eating so late. You did not have to get on the scale today. Let it go. Eat your healthy, planned meals just like you always do and you are fine."

If I listen to addict me I will starve myself today, exercise an hour (I do not work out on Sundays) feel great about the weight loss tomorrow and get into a destructive cycle when on the next day it bounces up again after I have a normal food day. By the end of the week I will be frustrated, angry, slipping into foods I never eat and starting a cycle that begins with a bad weigh in and ends with an all-out binge. If I listen to the healthy me I will eat my normal meals today and skip the cycle of punishment that goes with addict me. 

I am committing to the healthy me day. I had my coffee and a banana when I got up this morning and will have my 8 Grain cereal before I leave for an event I am producing this morning. I will have a  normal lunch and dinner and my mid afternoon snack of fat free Greek yogurt and berries and drink my 8 to 10 glasses of water - just as a do every day. The addict may have claimed the early part of my morning but I have silenced her with the power or healthy motivation and actions. 

The only way I know to continue keeping the pounds off is to continue to do the things that work and to let go of the behaviors that get in the way one day at a time, each and every day. 

Tell me what healthy you is doing today. 

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