Friday, January 7, 2011

Feeling Good In All Weather

. . . she writes as she grumbles and shivers in the cold. 

One of the reasons I live in Florida is my inability to handle the cold weather up north. It is not just the feel of the cold I hate. It is also the effect heated homes have on my sinuses and lungs. It is the melancholy of the long dark days. It is the fear of falling on the ice. I always fall because of ice. I am a klutz. 

This season we are getting a nice share of cold from the north. It started several weeks ago. We have had less than 5 days of warmth in the last 3 weeks and now we are in a cycle of warm day/cold day/warm/cold. I can feel the weather in my joints. My joints are protesting. They want a return to warmer days. Not hot, mind you, just enough warmth not to ache. 

The great thing in all this is that exercise makes it all better. Once I get moving and the endorphins kick in, I feel good. The aches go away. Oh, there are twinges still, but I am not in pain. Once I get going, physical movement makes me feel better. If it is raining I can stretch, walk, or do an exercise routine in my home. If it is sunny I can walk a course, do some yard work, just move outside and get the added benefit of some natural vitamin D from the sun. If it is cold I can work out indoors or outdoors or both. No matter what the weather, I can MOVE and moving not only makes me feel better - it helps me in keeping the pounds off!

How are you weathering today? 

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