Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Food Poisoning or Stomach Virus?

Of course they would be She-Devils

I am sick. People are asking me if it is something I ate or if I caught a bug. It does not matter. The symptoms are essentially the same.  I was uncomfortable after eating lunch on Sunday and still uncomfortable after dinner. At midnight it started: Vomiting, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, bloating, chills, fever and misery. I could not work on Monday but I still had to get the work to the people who could and that meant a car trip -20 minutes in each direction. We met at a service station - just in case. It has been so long since any of us had a stomach problem - all our meds at home had long expired. On the way back home I stopped at a pharmacy for some medicine and the use of their bathroom. 

If wishing made it so . . .
Standing on line to purchase the medicine, my tired, petechia-dotted eyes spotted a new candy bar on a low shelf in the counter display. Milky Way Caramel. Hmm, never had one of those. The wrapper was an inviting caramel color. For a moment I thought perhaps I could buy it. Since solid food is out perhaps I could lick it - just to taste it. Even if I did eat some of it, in my current condition it would come right back out so what would be the drawback? No damage done, right? 

I am such an addict. I was standing on line, trying to hold in my stomach and my bowels long enough to buy medicine and get home yet my addiction was active and enticing me to purchase candy. Hmmm, they are two for a dollar. It would only be fifty cents! A relapse into recreational sugar for only 2 bits! What a bargain! 

Looking at photos of the unwrapped 
  bar online - I am not tempted. 
Gratefully, sanity took hold or perhaps I was just afraid of what my stomach would do if I bent down to reach for the candy bar on the low shelf in front of the register. Either way, I bought my medicine and made it out of the store without the candy bar. I got home and got back into bed. 

By evening I could keep down some chicken broth, orange jello, baby apple sauce and ginger ale. Some of these do contain sugar but this is not for recreational eating. They stayed down but not in. My stomach was still cramping, too. By 9:30PM I was in bed and probably still dehydrated because I slept through the night. This morning I had broth and jello and apple sauce. Again, they do not stay with me long. But the cramps are less frequent and I am feeling better after a full night's rest. 

I keep drinking tea and water and I am starting to feel hungry. I will probably try poached eggs later today and maybe some yogurt tonight. I am finished with the jello and ginger ale. Now that the vomiting is over I can switch back to sugar free versions of these foods  - my other medicine. 

I am sick and it does not matter if it is food poisoning or anything else - I must never forget that the addict in me is alive and well and ready to take me down. So, for another day, I am keeping the pounds off. Although today I do have the dubious help of a stomach bug I am sure that once my appetite returns I will be fighting off the feeling of making up for the two days of food I missed . . ..

Yes, I am an addict. 



Anonymous said...

I often find when I am sick that my resolve is at it's weakest. Sick, tired, grumpy, cold... pretty much any of those can really be a trigger for not keeping myself in check.

Keep fighting the good fight!


Jane Cartelli said...

Just saying it out loud to someone else who 'knows' what this is all about helps remove the demons. Thank for commenting.