Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways. . . - Part II

This blog entry is to list only things I can say I love about myself. No critiques, no rationalizations or explanations and no past or future tense. This is what I love about me today. These are in no particular order.

How do I love Me?
  1. I love my creative mind: it comes with my God-given creative soul
  2. I love my joy in reading many different genres. I find happiness in many subjects
  3. I love my joy in writing via printed word, email, blog or private journal
  4. I love my ability to seek wisdom and not accept bullshit
  5. I love my reaching for more life, more joy, more growth, more giving
  6. I love my funny sense of humor
  7. I love my memories - good or bad, they are mine to value
  8. I love the freedom I give myself today to write this list
  9. I love my commitment to be well
  10. I love my choices and appreciate where they lead even if they lead far from where I am
  11. I love that I created a business from nothing
  12. I love that I have clients who give me bear hugs and allow me to continue to make magic for them year after year
  13. I love that I make people happy with my humor, creativity. love and acceptance
  14. I love loving so many people who share my life with honesty today
  15. I love my decision to let go of the people, places and things that do not bless my life
  16. I love that I freely admit I do not know everything and never will. 
  17. I love that I could come up with 17 things!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Please print this and read it every day.........

I am doing one too. ;-)

PS. Can I copy this and yesterdays post and send it to some of my girlfriends struggling down in S. Florida? I would send it anonymously...


Fat Girl Fights Back said...

I absolutely love this! You have inspired me to do the same thing in a future blog post.

I'd like to add that that your journey, wisdom and words have inspired many.

I love that you're inspiring!

And you should too. :)

Be well, my friend.

Jane Cartelli said...

Mary, anytime you think someone can be helped by anything on this blog you can share it with them. There is no need of anonymity for me here and that is okay.

FG - Together we get better and I love getting to know you.