Sunday, January 9, 2011

Living a Better Life by Letting Go

In thinking today about being free from the bondage of food obsession, enjoying the life I have and working towards the better things I want in my life, I must pause and give thought to where my thinking is limited or constrained by old, outdated ideas. What am I doing or thinking today that will not serve me in maintaining my healthier, happier life? How can I keep my thinking open to all possibilities to keep me from restricting my future to that which my limited-mind creates?

I believe in something greater than myself. My consciousness of that Higher Power must be the most important fact in my life because it gives me the independence to be free from the bondage of my worse self. When I live by putting that Higher Power (whom I do call God) before me – giving my will to a power greater than myself and choose to do the next right thing in all things I have recovery from food obsession and Jane-obsession and I get better. In a play there is only one director. If God is directing my life, I cannot be in charge of the play. If I want to be in charge, I will find that no one else told the rest of the world there has been a change of directors and I will be very sad because the world is never going to respond to my direction.

My own solutions to my problems were often unhealthy and sometimes self destructive. For years my body had suffered through binges followed by starvation dieting. Unhealthy diets followed by yo-yo weight gains and weight loss. I lost my gall bladder due to unhealthy eating. I lost my uterus to unhealthy weight causing my hormones to behave badly.

You want to lose the pounds, not organs. You have to eat healthy AND in healthy amounts. But the definition of healthy in your mind may be an old, outdated idea. It might be serving you today but what about next week, next month, the rest of your life? There was a time when I thought I was doing well if I only had a pint of ice cream a day. I could not maintain my weight loss with that old, outdated thinking. I had to get away from the idea of having it daily, then weekly and finally I had to realize I could not have the ice cream at all. I needed to change my thinking and adopt a healthier way of eating from outside myself.

What helps you in being healthy and keeping the pounds off? What are you allowing to hold you back today?

I am listening.


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Fat Girl Fights Back said...

Isn't it funny how foods we thought we couldn't live without end up being not so important? I was just telling my husband the other day that I've given up cheese and mayo on my sandwiches. I'm not anti-cheese per se, I eat low fat cheese for a snack paired with fruit, but I don't need cheese with turkey for example. The turkey serves as plenty of protein while the cheese is really just sitting there on my whole wheat as added fat and calories. So, I've exchanged the cheese for flavorful veggies instead. Honestly, I don't miss it and my weight certainly doesn't miss the added calories and fat. :)