Saturday, January 15, 2011

Long Day's Journey into Night at La Quinta

What a full day! It started at 4:30am when the alarm went off. Showered and packed the car for our trip. It was 5:30am when we left. In addition to our cooler and cold foods I packed a hot box with our breakfast. I lined a small Styrofoam chest with foil then microwaved my neck wrap and placed it into the box to give it a few hours of continued heat. I stored the cooked eggs, turkey bacon and mashed acorn squash with a splash of sugar free 'maple syrup into the box. When we stopped for breakfast at 8:00 am we had a delightfully warm meal. 

I was not even hungry for a snack the whole drive to Atlanta. I wanted coffee but no of the road stop places had skim milk and I wasn't in the mood for the non-dairy creamer (they have corn syrup, which I like to avoid). 

We heard on the news that three inches of snow was enough to shut down Atlanta. They were not kidding. Atlanta was covered with snow and ice in many places. The  Carter Presidential library parking lot and ground were extremely ice clogged. It was as though no one thought to de-ice the walkway from the parking lot to the front door of the building. No one was there to visit the museum yesterday at 12:30 in the afternoon. Just my husband, myself and one other guest. 

We enjoyed the quiet atmosphere and the beautiful view of the grounds, covered with ice and snow. After two hours at the Library I was ready for lunch and we returned to the car for Greek yogurt with oatmeal, cranberries and walnuts. 

I will sum up the next three hours in seven words: car, battery, jump, mechanic, warranty and free repair.

While waiting for the car to be fixed, I see that the car dealer has free coffee and hot cocoa. I make myself a double mocha latte (milk fat free, sugar free) but really could not taste it because my sinuses are still congested from a head cold earlier this week. It wasn't really sweet, despite the Splenda packets I added. The chocolate taste was kind of vague but I did enjoy the idea of it. 

Back on the road we now faced the Atlanta evening rush hour. Once we got through that we found a place to stop and have our dinner of Chicken salad and pineapple. Extremely tasty and just right. Once in South Carolina we stopped at a Trader Joe's for our fruit for tomorrow and a bottle of wine and checked into a LaQuinta near Clemson University. A look over the plans for tomorrow, a few quick calls and emails and then a lovely glass of wine before bed. My husband and I were snuggled into the very comfortable bed by nine o'clock. 

I woke naturally, without an alarm clock at six this morning, feeling fully charged and ready for the adventures of today. If I had eaten in restaurants all day yesterday I would have spent money I do not need to spend. I would have eaten foods and quantities that were questionable and it would have been later in getting to sleep. It I had gotten snacks out of the vending machines at any of the rest stops, gas stations, or other locations we stopped at yesterday I would have had salts and sugars and fats on my lips for a few moments and in my gut for several hours but when I return home next week I would have forgotten I ate them and then wondered where the extra pounds came from. 

I am a food addict. If I had started with a little something from a vending machine I would have started the cycle of craving more junk. The small bag of barbeque chips or KitKat bar today becomes the all out binge next week but by next week I forget the snack and wonder "What happened??? What got me started? 

I am grateful that today I do not 'need a fix' from a vending machine, or a dessert bar, or a greasy meal. I love planning my meals, enjoying every minute in my day and night and still feeling great the next morning. Today I am free from the obsession and as long as I continue to keep doing what works, I can continue keeping the pounds off. 

Have you freed yourself from the false security of comfort snacking - even on a trip? 



Lauren said...

Are you aware of the brilliant parallel you've made here by using the title of O'Neill's play in your post title, here?

Fat Girl Fights Back said...

Jane, I absolute loved the hot food box idea for breakfast. I will certainly take that idea with me for the next road trip we go on (don't have one planned).

Jane Cartelli said...

I am really glad I experimented with the idea. It really worked well. I find breakfast to be very hard in restaurants when I am traveling: everything is bread/sugar/fat! Or should I say that everything I WANT at breakfast in a restaurant seems to be sugar/bread/fat. . . .