Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Return to Solid Food

I was hungry yesterday but very cautious not to use that hunger as an excuse to start eating solid food too soon. After a second night without vomiting I am willing to try solid food today. Yesterday I moved from chicken broth, jello and ginger ale to semi solid foods: baby apple sauce, poached eggs, sugar free vanilla pudding and stewed fruit. Today I am returning to my normal way of eating and praying for the best. 

People have been asking me what I eat on a daily basis. The structure of what I eat remains constant but the exact foods change daily. I have just posted the food plan that I follow on the Food Plan page (see the tab above).

Today I will be very careful not to leave myself without my planned meals. Rebound appetite after a stomach illness is a very real very danger to the food addict/compulsive overeater. I will stay in touch with my support network today. 

For those who contacted me to say 'I bet you have a great weight loss this week. . .' :
It is my goal to have little to no weight loss this week. In being sick I have not eaten the proper nutrients and I have not exercised. Any weight loss would be due to muscle loss. I will be happy if I maintain this week. Will post the update on the weight loss page this weekend. 

I am grateful that I did not turn to comfort foods during these few days of illness. I remember a friend who also suffers from food addiction telling me that she is 'allowed' to have certain comfort foods when she is sick. That does not work for me. I would look for ways to be sick to get my comfort foods. I do not know that it worked for her. In the past two years she has gained back a great deal of weight. For today, my comfort has to come from someplace or thing that is not edible. That is how I am keeping the pounds off today. 

Please share what non-edible means you use to comfort yourself in times of illness or stress. 


Anonymous said...

I love to cozy up with a good book. I also have discovered some great herbal teas that are very soothing. Going out for a bike ride or throwing a toy for my dog also seems to help with mental stress. I also like to do dishes or clean something if I can force myself to (when stressed)... getting my physical surroundings more under control can help decrease my mental stress and make me feel like at least something is improving.


Jane Cartelli said...

I need that reminder than bike rides and walking help relieve mental stress as well. Endorphins are good!