Friday, January 28, 2011

Taking Medicine is Not Selfish

The other day I was a little hungry and on my way to have my lunch when I realized I would be driving past three places I needed to go that day from my errands list. If I delayed my lunch two hours I could get all those things off my list and not have to do them later in the day, freeing me up for other activities with friends and family. Then I would not feel so selfish with how my time was spent during the day, planning my day to fit my design for my mealtimes. It was already almost an hour past my lunch time. I still had 10 minutes of travel before I would be where my lunch was sitting. What should I do? . . . 

I suddenly thought about people with diabetes. People who are insulin dependent and trying to live with diabetes to stay healthy despite their disease cannot just 'put off' when they eat or what they eat. They cannot take their medicine only when they feel like it or when it is convenient. To have the best  chance of living well they have to eat when needed, take insulin when needed and pay attention to their body and what it is telling them. Sometimes they have to rely on others who can see they need help, even if they do not want to accept that help because their mind is foggy from too much insulin. 

I realized I am no different. I need to take my medicine and follow the plan for my recovery each day. I need to accept help from others when they can see I have foggy thinking" I ate my lunch and later that day I finished those three errands. I was not selfish for using my time this way. I am no more selfish of what I need to do for my recovery from obesity than a diabetic who has to eat at a set time, be rigid in certain food choices and take medicine when necessary and NOT at the convenience of others. 

Taking my 'medicine' each day helps in keeping the pounds off and in living the best life I can today.

Are you taking your medicine willingly? 



Cenandra said...

I am a Type 1 diabetic, on insulin pump. Since losing my weight, I've cut back from 40 units of insulin daily down to 5 to 11 daily.

Truly its a miracle, so my doctor says. I guess I am telling you this because there's hope for everyone especially if they lose their weight. Your body changes and becomes healthy and there isn't a better feeling in the world!

Jane Cartelli said...

I agree. I know many people who are off insulin today because they released 50, 75, 100 pounds.

Congratulations on your renewed health. I hope the miracle grows and you reach the point where you are insulin free and they write about you in JAMA.

My parents - diabetic. My younger brother - diabetic. I know that the only reason I was lucky to have never developed diabetes is because I put the food and sugar down and picked up a healthier life style. My glucose levels were always at that 90-99 point. I was only one step away. . . .


Cenandra said...

Thank you for your kind words Jane!

I'm so happy you missed this disease, its terrible to have and if you don't fight it will overcome you quickly.

Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

I go both ways on this. Occasionally I get hungry enough that I need to eat NOW, come hell or high water, but in general, I'm a big fan of efficiency, and if I can eat a snack that gives me more time until my next meal, I'll do it. Seems when I was eating differently, I didn't have that option. Of course, I haven't lost as much weight as you have, so things are likely different. What works for me in this weight game, is to wait until I'm getting hungry to eat, as opposed to following a schedule, and sometimes it can catch me by surprise. Other days I eat lunch at noon, finish work, do gym, eat dinner 9 pm, if I eat at all. Of course, this requires a big lunch, or if I don't do that, I'd better have a 3-4 pm snack.

Jane Cartelli said...

JustJulieBean: I know there are many of us trudging on this same road and we all have on a different style of trudging shoes. No one style is better than the others of course, as long as a our "shoes" are not wearing thin, causing blisters or so ill fitting that they cause us to stumble and fall, then they are the right shoes for us today.

I appreciate your comments and hope you will visit again.