Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonder Why Water Works?

Did you know the human brain often confuses thirst with hunger? Water helps to keep the metabolism burning. It keeps you hydrated. Proper hydration helps my body know if I am feeling real hunger or just thirst. Even a small drop in hydration will lower the amount of fat our bodies burn each day. Drinking enough water increases fat burn. 

I tend to drink 64 ounces of water every day. This does not include any coffee, tea or milk I have in any given day. Water is counted by itself. I usually drink my water cold or at room temperature. I do not usually add ice, unless it is the middle of summer. My whole life I have heard/read the advice to drink 8 - 8oz glasses of water every day. This information gets tweaked in the press every now and then but basically it has remained steady advice over the years.  

In the colder months the ease with which I usually drink these 8 glasses each day disappears and I have to remind myself to drink the water. In cold temperatures I look for hot tea, coffee, and occasionally a glass of wine. Caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating so with their consumption I need to drink even more water. Sometimes I have to remind myself all the good things about drinking water on cold days.

Proper hydration improves brain function, mood, and digestion. 

  • It eases false hunger pangs. 
  • It helps with elimination. 
  • Toxins and excess sodium are removed from my body through proper hydration. 
  • I loose more weight when I drink my water daily. 

There should not be any excuse not to properly hydrate your body with water. If your tap water does not taste great get a water filter. Only those with severe kidney disease need to restrict water. Without a medical excuse there is no excuse not to have the 8 glasses a day but  remember that just as too little water is bad for the body, so is too much. I never drink more than 100 ounces of water in a day. 

When I am traveling I make a point of keeping my water on tract. So what if I need to find a few extra rest stops? Taking time to drink the water is self-care of the finest kind. When I short my water consumption I begin to feel the negative effects within 24 hours. Longer than 24 hours and I start to get headaches, false hunger pangs and a case of bitchiness. 

Water is essential in keeping the pounds off my body today. What has been your experience? 

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Fat Girl Fights Back said...

I find water is absolutely essential to my weight loss. On weeks that I drank, like you, 64oz in addition to my drinks of coffee, tea and milk, I see better results.

I have no problem drinking the water, in fact, I love it. If I have it sitting on my desk in front of me it's gone before I know it. Kind of like mindless eating, eh? Only mindless water drinking! LOL

For whatever reason, the habit of just getting the water is more of the challenge for me. I have a bottle I use, but actually remembering to fill it is something I have to really think about. I'm still waiting for it to just be second nature. . .but thus far, I have to really think about it.