Monday, February 7, 2011

February is Heart-Health Awareness = Depression Month

Everywhere on TV there is a reminder of the signs of a heart attack in men and in women. Every magazine features a story on heart disease. Every on-line news-website has articles on what YOU can do for your heart. All the FX radio medical reports are on heart health. We are reminded to wear red to show our solidarity with heart health and the wellness of woman's cardiovascular systems. There are many advancements, preventions, tests, treatments, medications. . . . 

I am doing all I can do for my health today. I eat as suggested to keep my arteries clear, bad cholesterol low, good cholesterol high. I exercise aerobically for my heart, use weights for my heart, resolve stress for me heart, keep my sugar low, sodium minimal, iron up, and I donate blood all because it is good for my heart. 

So, why am I feeling depressed? All these reminders are driving me insane. I can't hear about this day in and day out for another three weeks. The huge "warning warning warning danger Will Robinson" signs are getting to me. I want to be able to relax a three days without panicking that lack of real exercise it is affecting my heart. I want to eat a meal without fear of what that one meal is clogging in my heart and how I will be affected 7.2 years from now. This is all magnified to be even worse because it is time for me to go to the doctor for a full cardio check up and I do not want to go. I am always worried they will find something wrong that I cannot cope with. Ignorance is bliss. 

This is just what the saturation campaign for February is trying to correct. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance, like untreated heart disease, is a killer. There is nothing that can be wrong with my heart that science does not understand. There is nothing that God has not planned for me to experience. God has given science the knowledge to help us. I must do my part and make the appointment. I need to do my part because that makes all the difference in the world between healthy outcomes and less optimal results. 

Even so, I think I will change my FX station to the comedy channel for a few weeks. Laughter is also good for the heart. 


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