Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Puzzling Thoughts

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could reach and maintain healthy weight on every plan? Then, because everything worked we could all be blogging about something else. Since that is not the case I started blogging to help my efforts at keeping the pounds off. If what I blog/write/post is helpful to you I am happy to help in any way I can. I do not to push my solutions on anyone else. If other people want to know what I do and how I continue to do it they ask me and I answer.  When I read something on another person's blog and I have a strong, negative opinion I feel it is best to write it on my own blog and not post a comment on their blog to push my opinion in their own 'home.' I do so here hopefully without  any malice or false-pride on my part.

Last month I was reading a blog of a person on a nationally advertised, supervised food substitution program. It was about the desire for a bit more here and there and what this person eats from their corporate-processed food bag. I note most of the choices are sweet products. The blogger does not seem to have anything in that bag that is not some processed brownie, hot chocolate, or other product that can fit the dessert category and eats these for breakfast and for snacks and for lunch and for 'dessert after dinner. My thought is 'what is this person going to put in their mouth when the corporate food bag is over?'

 I admitted recently I was copying this behavior with the sensation of sweet. A month ago this blogger's food choices were troubling me because I could perceive similar behavior in myself, though I did not want to admit it at the time. I did not want to think I was using artificial sweeteners to cope with the decision to remove sugar from my own food plan. By swapping one for the other I wasn't changing my behavior I was only mitigating the effects by switching substances.

It is not my place to tell this person what I think about their actions. It is none of my business. I can only work on what I put in MY body. What she/he/you eat is solely up to you. I can share my experience and you will follow your own path as you choose. I blog to honestly share what I go through each day in my efforts at keeping the pounds off. Smooth or rocky, the path must be honest if it is to be helpful to anyone, especially me.

I have lost 220 pounds and have less than 10% of my total left to lose so I am in the active maintenance phase of my journey. I still get cravings. I get hungry and want certain tastes and flavors I really should not have merely because they lead me to eating more and more. It is how I deal with these cravings, behaviors and even the occasional misstep that will determine if I can be a long term survivor of massive, natural weight loss.

This is not a puzzle that can be completed by one person. It will take a village of people who share the traits of compulsive eating, working together towards the common goal of keeping the pounds off to put this puzzle together ~ one day at a time. 

Are you working to change a behavior or just mitigate the effects?



Pretty Pauline said...

A little bit of both! Right now I am just counting cals and am still seeing losses. I know there will come a time deeper into my journey where I have to pay attention to WHAT those cals are. Since I'm nursing my cals are 2200 a day, and I still struggle to stay in them! But that's such a high number! ACK! I'm not looking forward to the day they lower, but maybe I won't be as hungry when not nursing?

Jane Cartelli said...

Some of that hunger may be nature protecting your nursing body. Nursing does take calories and energy from our bodies.

Depending on what I am eating, 1500 calories can seem like too much if the food is high in fiber and protein and low in fat.

When you reach that point you will find lots of choices that can keep you satisfied while you adjust to the changes.

Cenandra said...

I'm not one to care if I put processed stuff in my body. For me its hard enough to just get through the day to eat my allotted calories to maintain.

I think everyone has to make their own decision whats best for them. You nailed it on the head!

E. Jane said...

So glad i found your blog, and thanks for leaving a comment on mine. I'll be following you now. I also just started back in food addiction recovery. I'd love to connect with someone else in that situation.

debby said...

Jane, read your bio--what a wonderful, inspirational story. Which is not over yet. But it appears you have the internal resources to deal with the difficulties that inevitably will appear.

And regarding the 'food in a bag' issue, I agree with you. Regarding my use of artificial sweeteners...I think I agree with you in theory. I'm still working on that!

Jane Cartelli said...

Thanks Debby, I'm still working on it, too! Awareness was first. Now I have to see where this artificial sweetener path leads me.


E. Jane said...

I have had more time to do some reading on your blog, and I must say that your story is amazing. What a journey you have had, and I am so inspired by your willingness to take the steps and go to the lengths you have to keep it off.

Your point about trying different 12-step programs is well taken. I think my first (and only) experience was not such a good one, but was rather punitive. That group has dramatically dwindled in size. I'm just starting back, with a sponsor that I can relate to. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your support.

Mary said...

Jane, I'm a regular reader of your blog even though I rarely post responses. I am a food addict and compulsive eater - my main problem is carb addiction. To overcome this problem, I'm working to change my behavior (how to *not* impulsively buy pastry when I'm at the store, etc.) as well as re-training my palette to enjoy the clean taste of simply prepared fresh vegetables instead of potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread. I'm seven years into my journey, and have hit some pot-holes along the way, but have come down from a high weight of 210 lbs. to a low of 140 - only to rebound to my current long-standing weight of 165 lbs. In the past several weeks, I have renewed my commitment to physical fitness and eating only those foods that are healthy for *my* body - consequently, I'm finding it easier to control the wailing 4-year-old girl inside that screams for doughnuts the second I step foot in the grocery store.

Thank you - your blog is a huge inspiration to me.

Mary D.

Jane Cartelli said...

Mary D.,
I know about the screaming 4 year old that cries out for food. Mine makes an appearance every time I walk into a certain theme park. I am trying to love her today and not tell her she is bad. I am not bad for wanting inappropriate food. I just need to say no with love.
Thank you for your posts. It is wonderful that you have renewed your commitment. Your commitment helps me, too, you know. It reminds me that I am not alone in needing to keep that commitment as a priority in my life.
I hope to talk with you again soon.


Vickie said...

when I read your sweet sensations and placeholders post, I thought of exactly the situation (and probably the same blogger) that you describe. I think I even mentioned that mentality in a comment a few hours ago (I have been reading your archives between projects much of the day). Yes, you are correct, much of the food log is sweet/non-food based. No, you are not imagining the person is setting themself up for major failure and has no idea. No, she would not listen. I agree it is no one's place to tell her. But it is such a SAD thing to watch.

I am in the current year (in your archives), so I am curious to see if you talk about your own artificial sweetener action more or if it is still something you ponder.