Monday, February 21, 2011

A Week of Blessings

With my daughters, circa 2001
I have not posted since Tuesday and I miss it. However, this has been a week of planned business and time spent with my first born daughter during her visit with us from the cold climate in New York. I am just going to offer a quick summary of each day and how I have been keeping the pounds off during these past six days.

Tuesday: worked with my daughter in my office, cleaning out storage areas and building a new database of events and clients from the past 14 years as the chief pixie and event designer for I did not exercise for the fourth day in a row. I ate my weighed and measured meals and kept the food simple. My daughter is a vegetarian so I planned a vegan chili for dinner with whole grain rice. It was delicious. 

Wednesday: One more day I did not really exercise; got interrupted Still more office work - it never ends. I used the in-between time to plan healthy meals and have some quality time with my daughter. All work and no play would not be fun. We went for Mother-Daughter haircuts that afternoon and got held up there for 2 hours. I had evening plans and the extended time at the salon meant I would have dinner after 9pm. On top of that I was feeling anxious about the time. I was mindful of HALT~ don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. I decided to change my evening. We came back home, had dinner and relaxed for the evening.

Harry Potter Snow Wizard
Thursday: I exercised this morning and it felt good to get back to my physical workout! This was our day to visit Harry Potter World: her first time there. I enjoyed watching her reactions to everything from he entrance gate to the Gringott's sign by the ATM. She had her first butter beer and only drank half. She enjoyed it but half was enough. Myself, a compulsive overeater, I do not understand such actions. To not finish the butter beer simply because you are satisfied with half would never have crossed my mind. If I am having something and I have a brief feeling that I am full or have had enough I just want a little bit - the desire to have more and finish what is 'mine' will always come back. I admired her behavior, so contrary to my own food behaviors. 
Some 'free' cost too much

Friday:  I have enjoyed planning vegan style meals for all of us while she has been with us.  I realized she will only be 'home' with us five more days and I started feeling sad about that. I remembered my commitment to pause and be positive: I am grateful I have this next week with her and I vowed to cherish each minute. Friday morning I had the opportunity to speak with some medical professionals at a conference about compulsive overeating and how non-expensive and non-surgical recovery are possible. I avoided the temptation of free pastries, cookies, creams and other sweets at the conference and came back home to get my daughter and travel to Cocoa Beach for a few hours. She and I had some great dialog during the trip and had a wonderful time on the beach just enjoying the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun and the feel of the sand.  

Saturday: This was a Father-Daughter day. I had an early meeting and then an all day training session on Power Point presentations. I ate my breakfast before leaving home and brought my lunch and nuked it in the microwave at the facility. I brought chicken, carrots, black beans, salsa and an apple. On my way home at four in the afternoon I was feeling something but unsure what it was. I put the name to several things I was feeling: anxiety, frustration, uncertainty, and a disconnect from my usual routine of work, home, family and support calls. Dinner was grilled salmon and bok choy. After dinner we all watched a funny movie together ~ Best in Show. It was very funny, especially since we watched the National Dog Show earlier in the week. Tonight I had a last minute cancellation for an event I was producing tomorrow at one of the theme parks. I had a little resentment and fear about the loss of that income but I turned it around by doing something nice for someone else to get me out of myself and my troubles. The fear went away for today. 

Sunday: Made great strides in getting the office in order all week. I am so grateful for my Lauren's help by sharing the tenacity of her work ethic with my company this week and doing such a great job. We got some odds and ends done around the house today and generally took it easy. For dinner I made a cauliflower, onion and corn dish that I think will become a family staple. It is incredibly good. Watch for it on my recipe page coming soon.

Tomorrow is Presidents Day and we are planning a wonderful visit to Gainesville to visit our youngest daughter. It is the only day on Lauren's trip that our family will be complete. I am looking forward to just enjoying having our family together for those hours. No work, no agendas: just some family time for the four of us. What a great blessing this is. I can be present in my own life today. It truly continues to be a week of blessings. 

How do you stay sane and maintain during a week of blessings? 



debby said...

Wow, you did so good during what could have been an 'over the top' kind of week in so many ways. Admire your food choices, your restraint, and your thought processes.

debby said...
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