Friday, March 4, 2011

Reading Between the Lines

For two weeks I felt kind of bla. Do you know the feeling? Not sick, just not 'right.' Physically I have felt normal but feeling some 'brain fog' and uncomfortable about it. I thought maybe it was something in my diet needing tweaking but really it was just my thinking that needed an adjustment.

I normally read three or four books at once. No, not all at the same moment - I might read one in the mornings, another during breaks or in between appointments, another in the evenings and finally one in the throne room. A few weeks ago I started reading several books on obesity, eating disorders, spirituality as it relates to food disorders and food/drug industry politics.  My brain was in overload mode. Add to this the inevitable monthly hormonal fluctuations that play a role in emotional and physical well being . I was slow to realize I was reading myself into a toxic state. Too many books all sharing a common denominator; too much at once. I started questioning the proven, workable food plan that has granted me almost 5 years of recovery, all future plans for continued recovery from compulsive overeating, my physical goals, my relationships and my involvement with various organizations. 

Then I put all the books down for two days. My head started to clear. When I returned to reading I picked up just one book of the aforementioned subjects and finished it before moving on to the next. I changed my other reading materials so that I had a light comedy,  a magazine and the daily newspaper as my other sources of literature this week. Five days later I am feeling really good. I have greater clarity of what I am feeling in my reading and I no longer want to bang my head against the refrigerator to clear the cobwebs. 

It was an interesting few weeks. I felt as if I was hungover without drinking or overeating. I did not blog often. Correction, I did not publish often. I have about 10 posts started on various subjects. I will finish writing each of those as time and passion permit. For today it is enough that I am feeling 'right' again: healthy, normal - maybe even sane.

How has unintentional mental overload affected you? Has it gotten in the way of your efforts in keeping the pounds off?



Pretty Pauline said...

This reminded me a bit of Charlotte Mason's idea for Mother Culture. She advised to always keep 3 books going for a fresh supply of ideas, a challenging book, an easy book, and a novel. All living books~no twaddle! Maybe you just need a "brain candy"-type book for a time?

Jane Cartelli said...

Absolutely! In fact, this may be a perfect time for me to re-read one of my all time favorites for the pure enjoyment of reading. Thank you for the quip about Charlotte Mason. I wish I had known of her educational philosophies back when my children were in their primary years.


Cenandra said...

I get this when I am over worked, which has been the last 3 weeks. It also affects me if I try to read all the blogs I am subscribed too...and that is a lot!

Sometimes its good just to purge and not put so much in my brain.