Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Warning! Bumps In The Road More Dangerous than they Appear!

Working through the hormonally induced brain-fog of the past week (or was it the alignment of the moon, the tsunami, earthquake, nuclear disasters, threat of new war fronts. . . ) - anyway, working my way through all that emotionally, I am coming out on the sunny side of life and getting back to enjoying the little wonders of each day. 

I will never be perfect and life will never be perfect. There will always be bumps on the road we trudge. I can minimize the damage to my body by taking time to take care of myself. When we drive we do not aim for the potholes if we want to continue to drive safely to our destination. 

This week the lure of food brought me into contact with a pothole. I could not see the danger at first. My attention was on the shiny promise of something delicious. I did not see the deep cavern of pain underneath, waiting to swallow me whole. Others who passed this way before me left warning cones on the road to help keep me from falling in. Yet the pull seemed too great for me to navigate past the danger by myself. Others came to help guide me around the hole. Even then I pulled away to look into the abyss despite the warnings. I was blessed to be given a hand to steady me so I could look and not fall in. When I started to slip from that hand it was my turn to decide what to do. I could have let go and fallen in, it was that tempting. Somehow I reached out and clasped back on the hand holding me and held on tightly and followed the voice that beckoned me to come away from the edge. 

Today I see the danger of what it would mean in my life to fall into the pot hole. These include weight gain, pain, sickness, anger, fear, shame and regret. To show my gratitude for escaping the hazard on the road this week I add my warning cone to the others. If you come to a place on your road to keeping the pounds off where something seems to pull towards it rather than steering around it, reach out for help - even if you cannot see the danger - reach out. I promise my hand will reach back to you and if you care to hold on we will both make it past that bump in the road together. 


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Vickie said...

such a good and thoughtful post, thank you for writing it.