Thursday, April 7, 2011

17 Day Diet? Any Magic Here?

There is a new diet on the Internet, spreading like wildfire. It is called The 17 Day Diet. This diet has four phases of 17 days each. It starts with the Accelerator Phase, which consists of 1200 calories and blablabla bla bla. . . . 

17 days, 16 days 18 days . . . . There is no magic in a diet. When you are an obese person and you stick with a diet they ALL work - at first. You lose some fat but more water and muscle. Sometimes they work for weeks or even a few months. What happens when you reach the natural end of the diet and you begin to regain the weight? THAT is where magic is needed. 

I lost my weight changing what I eat, how I eat and how I move my body. It did not happen in 17 days, 17 weeks or even 17 months. It was all one day at a time and I have been keeping off 220 pounds for a couple of years. No 'diet' ever had the magic to give me that kind of continued success. 

Here is the Keeping the Pounds Off Method of losing weight and keeping pounds off for anyone who wants to lose 50, 100, 200+ pounds and not regain:

  1. Admit you need help  (if you could do it alone, you would have done it already)
  2. Join a support group and be an active member
  3. Eat healthy foods in healthy amounts. 
  4. Get up and move your body. 
  5. Repeat 1 thru 4 constantly and never, never, never. never, never give up!
I love the number 17. I was married on the 17th. It is one of my lucky numbers. I do not believe the number 17 is a magical diet number but perhaps it works for someone else.  I am not going to try it but if you try this diet please come back and share your story with us. Did you complete all four phases? Did you lose weight and keep all of it off? 

Speaking of 17: I have 17 pounds left I would like to lose (not including excess skin).



Cenandra said...

Your right this is a very popular diet. When I see 17 day diet though my insides shreek because we are taught those kind of diets are bad for you and you'll gain what you lose. I hope that is not the case for you Jane. I hope it is a safe diet and it works! I will be sure to check in to find out. I have a few pounds I would like to shed too. ;)

Jane Cartelli said...

Sheri -
Oh my, please do not think I am doing this diet. I do not diet - period. I have made my lifestyle changes and I trust those changes and God to give me recovery. If I am meant to lose the last 17 pounds it will be from the food and exercises I already have in place and NOT from any # of Days Diet plan!


Anonymous said...

an examination of the diet/reading the book shows that it really is advocating a lifestyle change. It contains 4 phases with the final phase you are eating a little bit of everything in healthy portions, and exercising everyday.
The diet is really common sense with the gimmicky name that causes people to buy it.