Saturday, April 2, 2011

Average Day?

5:00 AM Wake up too early. Lay in bed another 30 minutes just appreciating the quiet.

5:30 AM Out of bed, on my knees and then into the kitchen to do something unusual. I made my husband's breakfast and lunch for the day. Normally he does this for himself in the morning but today I decide to give him something different than his usual oatmeal breakfast and tuna sandwich lunch. I make him a roasted vegetable and sauteed mushroom omelet, and for lunch: deviled salmon sandwich.

6:00 AM Work out for 45 minutes including kettle ball, circuit training and 100 sit-ups. Oops, forgot bottom half of cool-down. No wonder my legs were a little sore later in the evening.

6:45 AM My Breakfast - that omelet looked and smelled delicious. I made the same for myself and wrote out my menu for the rest of the day.

7:10 AM Shower

7:30 AM Consultations, both on line and in person for the next two hours

9:30 AM Work in my office two hours have a snack: ruby-red grapefruit

11:30 AM Volunteer work for 45 minutes, then drive 30 minutes to another consultation appointment

1:15 PM Lunch - deviled salmon (no bread for me), yogurt with oatmeal and blueberries.

2:00 PM More Consulting

3:00 PM Shopping for some staples: Greek yogurt, fresh salmon, walnuts, apples

4:00 PM Snack: Apple, followed by volunteer activities for 90 minutes

5:30 PM Start cooking dinner: Vegetable stir fry with 4 oz shrimp and mega whole grain rice medley

6:30 PM Husband home from work, we eat dinner. Food is finished for the day.

7:00 PM Drive over to Disney World for the evening. Visit the Magic Kingdom. Crowds: heavy. Go right to Haunted Mansion to experience the new queue decorations with interactive crypts. Then over to Space Mountain to try out their new queue video games. Go on Space Mountain for the first time since the latest refurb: it is still awesome. Then wait with the crowds for the electric light parade to pass so we can get a great position for the new castle light show and Wishes Fireworks show, which brings us to

10:40 Exit Magic Kingdom with throngs of people but only have a 10 minute wait for the monorail, which we take to the Transportation and Ticket Center so we can then walk from there to the Polynesian Resort and then the Grand Floridian Spa. This is where we parked the car. It is a wonderfully comfortable night - just cool enough that I don my jacket during the walk. We walked briskly the whole way, enjoying the stars in the clear sky.

12:00 AM - Arrive home by midnight. A few minutes spent checking Facebook to see what our daughters are up to and then I am ready for bed. I thanked God for this day - because at a higher weight  so many of the things I did today would not have been accomplished. Some things not at all and certainly not all in one day not when I was 250 lbs, 300 lbs, 385 lbs.

It was just an average day of activities possible because keeping the pounds off makes it possible. Average day? I think it was just one of the many miracle days I now get to have in a life free of the obsession with overeating.

Can you see the difference losing excess pounds have brought to your days?



Fat Girl Fights Back said...

Whew, busy day!! I have to say I'm impressed by the no evening snacks at all. Did you work up to that or have you done that since you started your journey?

The day sounded absolutely lovely!!

I do notice differences in what I can do now, even still in the 300's, and what I could do at 376lbs. For one, I no longer drip with sweat from doing something as minor as grocery shopping! Yeah!!!

Jane Cartelli said...

Isn't it great to NOT have to change clothes just because you went out of the house for an hour?

Having no evening snack was something I worked towards and it is my newest healthy behavior. I have only been consciously not having a snack in the evening for two months. It has really helped me to let go of thinking there is a dessert around every corner.


Cenandra said...

What a wonderful post Jane. When I think back and remember I was unable to shop on my feet for more than 10 minutes and now I am running...truly a miracle.

Alison said...

Great post! I find it fascinating to read these kinds of day-in-the-life posts -- I love seeing how people spend their time. And you are the definition of leading by example -- this is exactly the mindset and behavior one needs to have to maintain weight loss (I need all the help I can get here!).

Thank you for sharing! I love your blog -- I heard your wonderful segment on the DIS Unplugged years ago but had no idea of your amazing weight loss story. Thanks for helping inspire the rest of us to fight the good fight!

Jane Cartelli said...

Alison: You are the first blogger who acknowledged knowing my alter-ego pixie persona!

{{{{{{Here's me pixie-dusting you!}}}}}