Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cadbury Bunny: Cute Candy Icon or Sugar Pusher?

 I understand that some people think of Easter as the Way of the Cross, Christ's suffering, the Redeemer risen from death. For some Easter means rebirth, spring awakening, daffodils and violets; irises and lilies. If you are a food addict, around my age, Easter may bring to mind a totally different set of visions: Easter baskets of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks, the cute Cadbury bunny and Cadbury creme eggs, chocolate malt robin eggs, jelly beans, coconut nests,  Easter danish and perhaps eating up the remains of the basket while watching the Charlton Heston version of The Ten Commandments on television. 

If they were this big, one might be enough
There are people who can have a jelly bean or a Cadbury egg and stop at one. Not me. At one time I could stop at one. Once I crossed that invisible line from normal eater to food addict I could never again get my round body back into the square hole of having just one. 
In this season of new life I now follow a new path. The miracle today is I do not have to eat everything in the basket. If I do not have the first bite of a food to which I have an addiction, I will never have to regret all the bites that follow. It is so much easier to say NO to the first bite then it is to KNOW when to stop biting. 

Thou shalt not eat creme eggs!
If you can have one and not pick up anything else full of sugar and fat and butter or flour through the next 30-60-90 days I am delighted for you and wish you a wonderful life with the abundance of choices you have today.  My experience is different and that is okay, too. I can kid myself into thinking I can stop at one. I can have one of something and then through sheer willpower, stubbornness and determination to be 'right', keep refrain from having another that day. (I've done that.) But within a week or maybe even as long as two weeks or a month I am right back into the world of bingeing on sweet and creamy and salty and crunchy and back to sweet again. I can avoid much of hell today by just not taking that first bite. It is not easy to do this alone so I am willing to reach out to others with this experience for help. Together we get better. And together we are keeping the pounds off through another season of holiday foods. 

I still watch Ten Commandments. I just don't eat my way through the movie. 



Cenandra said...

I love this post. I feel the same way! Once I allow myself to eat a Easter Peanut Butter cup the chances of me just saying "well I ate that so I might as well just eat whatever I want". That is the worst when it happens. I feel terrible for a few days not to mention the guilt and self-loathing that comes a long with it.

Anonymous said...


First off, I admire you for your openess and honesty, and wonderfully written blog about your dealings with food addiction.

I have known that I am a food addict for some time. It is hard to accept that is the problem I have!! I have toyed around with different diets, ways of eating and nothing worked. Either I felt deprived, or mal-nourished.

While researching Food Addiction, I found a program on-line, and was following it's PLAN for two weeks, with much success! (Lost 8 pounds, was sleeping better, etc) I was doing SOO good, I supposed I could "get away" with having a small treat in the evenings. JUST the evenings... I was "doing GREAT", it wasn't causing me any binges, overeating etc. OR so I thought! THEN yesterday, it hit me like a TON of bricks. The enormous urges to get more and more of those foods, and I gave into it, and this morning too...

I am not going to tell myself I am bad, or a failure. That does not help!

It is HARD to accept that I can't have those tasty Easter treats, or Christmas pies, chips, icecream with my son and husband while we watch a movie. I should "have the will power" to stop at 'a little'. But, as I discovered, that doesn't work for me either! Darn it!

The reality is, I had TWO great weeks, with foods that truly satisfied me, and I would rather eat, to be honest! Very tasty, and I knew I was doing something good for my body! So, I KNOW I can abstain from the foods that are bad for ME!

I do realize that I have GOT to have foods/meals planned in advance so I don't turn to those "easy to eat, junk" foods.

Do you ever get to the point where you look at those candy eggs, and bags of chips and think 'ugh, nasty'? I actually try to do this, because how they make me feel, and how non-nutritious it is!

(working on ~taking~ the pounds off)... Heather

Jane Cartelli said...

Heather ~
Currently there are times I can look at those foods and not even think of them as food. I do not vilify them or get wistful about them. Then there are times I see and want and have to pray, fight, ACT to not have them. The tools to remain free of these foods get easier and more readily available the more I use them.

What you did is done and do not beat yourself up over what you cannot change now. You cannot give back those bites. You can start again right now and remember the lesson of today as you move forward. I had to learn some lessons over and over and over again until I finally accepted the power of food addiction and found something more powerful to help me get well.

I hope you will stay in touch!


Unknown said...

I just found your blog today. I am the same way. I got to just stay away from the refined foods. Otherwise, bingeing and cravings like crazy! I'll pop by your blog again. :-) Marion

Vickie said...

I have written, many times in the past, I think we have to watch ourselves like crazy for about 3 solid weeks after any incident (food, crisis, drama, injury, scare, whatever) because the AFTER bites us in the butt. Your post reaffirmed that for me. It was really well written.